Welcome to my campaign website! My name is Matthew Bergeron and I am running to be the next State Representative from House District 64B.

Our community, with its progressive values and dedication to public service, has an incredible opportunity before us as we decide what kind of representation we want in the Capitol. We can look for a party builder who can support candidates fighting for a progressive vision in other districts. We can look for a progressive champion who, with conviction and stout resolution, can espouse a vision of the ideal when others get stuck in the mud. Or we can look for a progressive workhorse who can take the values and aspirations of our community and put them into real action.

I am running to be your state representative because I have the experience at the Capitol and understanding of a broad variety of public policy issues needed to be an effective representative and advocate on behalf of our community. As a human services lobbyist and legislative staffer I have dedicated myself to advancing public policy initiatives that strengthen our safety net, care for those disable and elderly unable to care for themselves, and help working families find economic justice.

As this campaign proceeds I hope to earn your support and the opportunity to represent you and everything our community stands for in the Minnesota House of Representatives!